29 Sep 2022  |   07:09am IST

Sinquerim SC down Goa Velha

Team Herald

SIOLIM: Sinquerim SC downed Goa Velha SC 5-4 via the tiebreaker to move into the quarterfinals of the St Anthony Rolling Cup 2022 organiSed by St Anthony's Sports Marna Siolim and assisted by Country Cousins Events and Entertainment in memory of (late) Vinayak and (late) Vilasini Fulari, at St Anthony's Church football ground, Siolim.

The match was mostly confined to the midfield with both teams making occasional counter attacks. At the end of full time the score was 0-0

In the tie-breaker, Rajat, Chaitan, Prajyot, Pranav and Gopi scored for Siquerim SC while Supurva, Suresh, Krishab and Vikravesh were on target for Goa Velha SC.


Iddhar Udhar