Tuesday, March 01, 2017
Herald News
  • State govt to back liquor traders to file review petition in Supreme Court . A joint petition would be filed: Dilip Parulekar   |  
  • Gov. Mridula Sinha addresses House, says assembly was summoned to meet the constitutional mandate of holding assembly sessn within 6 mnths   |  
  • Last assembly ws held on Aug 31, '16. By calling session today the constitutional limit of 6 mnths has been complied with: Governor   |  
  • I am sure that the new govt formed post March 11, shall carry forward the good work of the present govt: Governor   |  
  • Governor congratulates people of Goa for huge turnout of 83% during the Feb 4 polls   |  

Panjim & around

Vending committee to solve kiosks row

In Business

Cashless drive changes dynamics of retail business in Goa


Sirsat Challengers Club clinch Paryem Premier League trophy

Weather Forecast


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