Wednesday, January 19, 2017


(Re)writing Goan history


There’s a vacuum in Goan politics waiting to be filled


Make your voice heard, make your vote count


Of temples, conversions & apologies


Goans will again face a dilemma at the polls


Governance by doles and freebies


Social media and vigilantism


Can Christmas revelry trigger heart attacks?


Reminiscences of Opinion Poll

When the talk of Opinion Poll was taking shape, I was appointed as the Head Master of the local school (Mae de Deus) in July 1966. More

Drain the swamp

“Drain the swamp” and “Make America great again”, ­became the election slogans that propelled Donald Trump to an unprecedented victory in the US presidential election. More

Goa’s less cash economy

The Christmas season is over and the New Year is upon us, and before we start the year in earnest let’s recollect the deserts or confectioneries we either prepared or relished, during the festive season gone by. More

A slower economy of life

The year 2016, according to many, has been frustrating for several reasons. While the sharp increase in violence across the globe may justify labeling 2016 as ‘horrible’, More

Politics of small states

Today there is a growing demand from sub regions within larger states in India like Andhra Pradesh, More

Insider’s view of Kenya Goans before and after Uhur

Recently, there has been a spurt in publishing books on Goans in Africa. More

Will Madganvkars participate in the planning of their town?


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