Thursday, August 21, 2014


The Goan power play

Does not cost anything to dream, even if the dream happen to be far-fetched for Goa, but just imagine our politicians actually deliver more then what was promised with regards to electricity power supply, manage to put all the power lines underground, invest in green technology of solar and wind power that makes Goa self sufficient without stressing the environment and suddenly you find Goa free from frequent power outages with 24 hour uninterrupted power with stable voltage. More

Reading Reginald: Inside Africa

The last time I had written about the Konkani novelist Reginald Fernandes, I had suggested that to understand such writings as romans (and even tiatrs) we would have to think anew and look more closely into these writings. Accordingly, I had hinted that the way Reginald Fernandes understood and conceptualized ‘dignidad’ could be one of the many ways to understand the corpus of writings written in the Roman script. In response to my article, many felt (through social media) that Fernandes’ books should be put back in circulation. More

A cultural garbage disposal plant for Goa?


Mining policClaude Alvaresy: Questions before our legislators


Muthalik’s men and their aggressive blueprint

They emanate such a sense of such immense calm and pleasantness when they meet you. Of genteel manner and speech and deportment, they look like professors, with draped with wisdom. More

Muthalik, stop threatening Goans

India is the land of the Mahatma. Goa never had the privilege of being under direct influence of this great man, during his struggle to gain Independence for his country, though he had many admirers in this State. More

Power to arrest and the need for caution

Arrest brings humiliation, curtails freedom and cast scars forever. Law makers know it, so also the police. There is a battle between the law makers and the police and it seems that police have not learnt its lesson; the lesson implicit and embodied in the CrPC. More

Goa Police Bill – History to the call for Consultative Processes

Lack of transparency is the hallmark of any governance that seeks to cover its tracks. On hearing that another Goa Police Bill was in the offing, one searched for Goa Police Bill on the Goa Vidhan Sabha website and the menu that showed up included the “Select Committee On The Goa Police Bill 2008.” More

Building a greater Goan society

The administration of Goa, since Liberation, has been developing at a dramatic pace but it has failed to make Goa ‘a greater society’. In the recent years, Goa has proved itself as number one State in different fields, yet some of the basic issues remain unsettled till date. More

Granville Austin: Chronicler of our Nation

The dichotomy of the Constitution of India is such that perhaps it is the only living document that runs this country; yet so little is known about it. Very few people try and make sense of this founding document and barring judges who interpret it from time to time or the handful of legal pundits who are called in to give their opinions on some provision or the other, the larger part of the populace are completely in the dark over this enlightening piece of legislation. More

No cheers for the cup that cheers

“Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy”, wrote Frank Sinatra. To some, that may border on blasphemy but to many, alcohol in moderation brings colour, rhythm and joy in their lives. More

Goa police: For and of the government, not its people

In 2009 through to 2011 when nothing seemed to be going right, with the previous Digambar Kamat government the shenanigans of his police force provided the script for an almost daily tiatr of shame. Starting from the home minister’s son to PSIs, all were either named or blamed in connection with some crime, or were seen in police vans, they were not driving but sitting as accused being whisked away to police and judicial custody. More

A flailing society

Another Independence Day is round the corner. What should we hope for from our government? I once attended a talk by Harvard University's Lant Pritchett, author of the thesis that India is a "flailing state". More

Rethinking Special Status – I


2014 - The Dangerous Year

There is instability in the Middle East oil rich kingdoms where despots Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Mohammed Gadaffi in Syria, and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt ruling with an iron hand were dethroned. More

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