Friday, August 01, 2014


Clinical trials and errors

The 20th of May is commemorated as “International Clinical Trials Day”. It marks the day the first controlled clinical trial was carried out on May 20, 1747 by Dr. James Lind, a Scottish physician, who thereby established the role of vitamin C in preventing and treating scurvy. Since then clinical trials have come a long way, particularly in India. More

Why does govt demolish homes in the rain?

What kind of government demolishes homes in the pouring rain? A government that is confident that the chattering classes will not be bothered. It is not only the Parrikar government that is to be condemned for an attack on the very lives of people, especially the aged, ill, and children among them, whose houses were recently bulldozed in Baina, Vasco, during the downpours of July. More

Accountability over privilege

A report in Herald on 23rd July 2014 over ministers and MLAs spending crores of Rupees in their ‘country hopping’ expedition at the cost of the state ex chequer has drawn the ire of the Chief Minister, who claimed that the figures quoted by the local dailies were erroneous and that the minister had sought postponement of the question. More

Will they do away with the Collegium System?

In September last year, the Rajya Sabha passed a Constitution Amendment Bill to create a Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) which proposed to replace the “collegium system” of appointing judges to Supreme Court and High Courts. More

Doctor’s life is not a bed of roses

We celebrated Doctor’s Day on July 1. From thousands, only two of my patients remembered me. More

GCA promotes Goa cricket with fast cars and Europe trips

In the world of junkets and jaunts, this is a different ball game. But though this one's being played by the Goa Cricket Association, it is certainly not cricket. More

Larger problem is not corruption but quality

Retired justice Katju's bombshell that a corrupt judge had been protected and given extensions did not surprise me. I do not know anything about this specific case. But it is illogical to assume that the weaknesses of public life and society have not corroded the judiciary. More

Boycotting Israel: Fighting its propaganda machine

It is with a sense of mounting rage and upset that people from across the world have been witnessing the latest round in Israel’s persecution of the Palestinians. There have been a number of horrific reports, indicating the manner in which civilian innocents have been slaughtered, More

‘Gunaaji’ and the other allusion

Over the last couple of weeks the Konkani film Gunaaji has been screening in some theaters in Goa. Not wanting to miss it, I decided to watch it one evening. Two hours later, when I walked out of the theatre I had an uneasy feeling about the movie. This column would like to reflect deeply on the feeling of unease that I experienced after viewing Gunaaji. More

Goa needs an identity conscious and sustainable regional plan

A Regional Plan is a vision for land use realization through land use mapping for ensuring future holistic planning by acknowledging contemporary realities. It has to be a merit oriented document to usher in healthy sustainable development in the State through proper and accurate distinctions of zoning and clear policy definitions. More

From free-thinking to nationalism

There has been no dearth of writers and speakers of calibre among native Goans in colonial times, and quite a few of them certainly excelled in these skills even as compared with the metropolitan elites. Obviously the colonial ambiance made it an uphill task, if not almost impossible, for most of them to gain the recognition they deserved. More

No thunderstorms likely this Session

With the monsoon session of the Assembly to begin, one cannot expect many thunderstorms. The Congress, in the garb of Opposition, is in disarray. The long-time and high-profile members of this old and time-honoured party are going berserk. More

Is the “master’s voice” dictating the SIT in the investigations against the Ranes?

The nauseating saga of the attempt of the Special Investigating Team of the Goa police to go after PratapSingh Rane and his son Vishwajeet hook line and sinker, has taken politics to a new low. More

Consultative selection process needed

The decision of the Union Government of returning the recommendation of the Supreme Court collegium to appoint senior lawyer Gopal Subramanium as Judge of the Apex Court, which almost sparked a spat between the judiciary and the executive, has snowballed into a public debate on the process of appointment of judges. More

Is history about to repeat?

“The (caste) system was working well in ancient times and we do not find any complaint from any quarters against it. It is often misinterpreted as an exploitative social system for retaining economic and social status of certain vested interests of the ruling class”. More

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