Friday, September 30, 2016


Nudge till you budge


Prime Time


Local commands instead of high commands?


Is Goa’s economy as stable as it is projected to be?


The Indian economy continues to flounder


Dabolim willfully throttled to promote Mopa

I have been on this issue a number of times, the sole purpose being to make people aware of how unnecessary and unviable Mopa airport is, what a waste of land and resources it is bound to be and the economic disaster that it is destined to bring to the people of Goa. More

Medical Council of India — RIP

An obituary maybe premature, but the demise of the Medical Council of India is certain. What is proposed to replace the MCI and the circumstances that led to this unparalleled situation merit reflection. More

From Sateri to Navdurga and worshippers to sevekaris

At the foot of the entrance stairway to the Navdurga temple of Marcaim, a banner waves in the wind. On it, in Nagri-scripted Konkani, is: Amchi murti, amkam zai! More

The Portuguese nationality bug

With the Election Commission attempting to delete Goans with Portuguese passport from the electorol here, a new bug has caught us. More

Are Goans really ‘susegad’?

I feel helpless and dismayed when I hear that the government has gone ahead with a Bill to regularise existing illegal and unauthorized structures in Goa. More

Prevention of a second heart attack

“Secondary prevention” is healthcare designed to prevent recurrence of a heart attack. More

Hidden health dangers


Dam You


Goan debtonomics


Right or not right? The curious games of the political class


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