Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Goa needs an identity conscious and sustainable regional plan

A Regional Plan is a vision for land use realization through land use mapping for ensuring future holistic planning by acknowledging contemporary realities. It has to be a merit oriented document to usher in healthy sustainable development in the State through proper and accurate distinctions of zoning and clear policy definitions. More

From free-thinking to nationalism

There has been no dearth of writers and speakers of calibre among native Goans in colonial times, and quite a few of them certainly excelled in these skills even as compared with the metropolitan elites. Obviously the colonial ambiance made it an uphill task, if not almost impossible, for most of them to gain the recognition they deserved. More

No thunderstorms likely this Session

With the monsoon session of the Assembly to begin, one cannot expect many thunderstorms. The Congress, in the garb of Opposition, is in disarray. The long-time and high-profile members of this old and time-honoured party are going berserk. More

Is the “master’s voice” dictating the SIT in the investigations against the Ranes?

The nauseating saga of the attempt of the Special Investigating Team of the Goa police to go after PratapSingh Rane and his son Vishwajeet hook line and sinker, has taken politics to a new low. More

Consultative selection process needed

The decision of the Union Government of returning the recommendation of the Supreme Court collegium to appoint senior lawyer Gopal Subramanium as Judge of the Apex Court, which almost sparked a spat between the judiciary and the executive, has snowballed into a public debate on the process of appointment of judges. More

Is history about to repeat?

“The (caste) system was working well in ancient times and we do not find any complaint from any quarters against it. It is often misinterpreted as an exploitative social system for retaining economic and social status of certain vested interests of the ruling class”. More

Nirbhaya Centres – many questions, no answers!

The Government of India has just announced the proposal for setting up of Nirbhaya centres and elicited suggestions/comments on the same albeit within a very limited time frame. What does the proposal for setting up these Nirbhaya Centres suggest? It is about setting up one stop crisis centres to be called Nirbhaya Centres and importantly, if the concept note about these centres recognizes the gender based violence is a public health, human rights and development issue and the need to handhold women through the tedious legal processes. As should be the case with any measure, a one stop crisis centre has been felt as a need from the assessment of the needs of women facing gender based violence and keeping in mind the impacts of gender based violence on each woman. More

Challenges to roles of opposite sex

Male and female parents have traditionally played very different roles, and until recently, the obligations and rights of each were backed by social sanctions. More

New hearts for a fresh start

Scientists have always gazed at the human heart in awe and admiration, even as they endeavored to unravel its manifold mysteries. Fascination for this diminutive organ has also been the toast of poets, dreamers and lovers. Innumerable poems and songs have been dedicated to what they thought was the seat as well as the symbol of love. More

Maharashtra will cease to be a ‘Cong minded state’ after polls

Sharad Pawar once said in an interview that Maharashtra is a “Congress minded state”. He also meant that the Maharashtrian is by temperament a voter of secular ideology and is not very attracted to Hindutva. More

Goa looks for the ‘Leader of the opposition’ Parrikar of early 2012

Assembly sessions have their place in every state and in many they pass off as events where politicians, the bureaucracy and the media spend days and weeks in close proximity and live a world of bonhomie, attrition and allegation. More

Secularism and its political culture

Writing in this newspaper a couple of days ago in the context of Pramod Muthalik’s threats to set up base in Goa, and Sudin Dhavalikar’s opinions on pubs, drinking, and short skirts not being compatible with Indian culture, More

Freedom of expression under threat?

In my last article I had referred to the media as being a powerful weapon that can, at times, compel governments to reverse their improper or wrong decisions, which would have otherwise been adamantly pushed through. More

Mixed signals unsettling

Prime Minister Modi first month in office was quite impressive. Prakash Javedkar frankly stated that his broadcasting Ministry was unnecessary and needed to be wound up, and his pronouncements on Press freedom being essential to democracy and wanting to make Doordarshan akin to BBC as an independent entity were very welcome. More

Reinventing good governance from the middle

With the initiation of the New Economic Policy in the 1990s, global capital in all its avatars began salivating at the prospect of tapping into the promising market that the Indian population represented. More

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