Sunday, August 02, 2015


Stop communalizing FORCE’s struggle

Violence should never be a means of solving differences though sadly it is the only language that the Government understands. More

Internet Pharmacy

A “valid prescription” is defined as one that is issued for a legitimate purpose by a practitioner who has conducted at least one in-person medical evaluation of the patient More

A re-look at the Deccan of the 16th century

The study focuses on the towns of Kalyana, Raichur and Warangal as opposed to the capital cities of the time, like Bijapur and Vijayanagara. More

Living with getting overwhelmed

The reality is that Goans, both educated and unskilled, do not wish to work here while the outsiders occupy the vacuum. More

Is disruption of Parliament legitimate?

The longer it is able to hold up business in Parliament, to put it simply, the more relevant it becomes. More

Trans Fats: A big fat trouble for your heart

Certain oils are actually good for your system, they say. Why this change of heart when for years we were told that fats were bad and saturated fats the worst of the lot capable of clogging your arteries causing heart attacks? More

Effective policy urgently needed to tackle medical waste disposal

The key to handle medical waste, according to environmenta-lists, is to segregate it in order to facilitate the reduction of wastes that require special treatment. Plastic used for medical purposes, for instance, is not suitable for reuse as their uneven surfaces tend to harbour pathogens. More

Art, gender and faith

The images of Mary Magdalene as a penitent similarly displayed an often lascivious male appreciation of her figure. Further, these images seemed to stress not Mary the privileged disciple but the prostituted woman that she has been identified with More

Attempts being made to erase Goan’s long-term memory

Most corrupt are in the process of reinventing themselves with a tacit understanding with those elected. After all they happen to be friends on a mission to look out for each other in times of heightened citizen’s awareness of their wrongdoings More

Reading Reginald: The importance of Africa

One can see how the reality of Goa affected by economic constraints and migration had such a huge impact on the portrayal of gender roles in Romi Konkani literature More

Times change and so do our wills

Camões, forever short of cash, scrounged for his living with part time occupations, like writing letters for the unlettered Portuguese More

Goa should get out of debt trap

Goa has entrenched itself into debt. It would be hard - and long - to escape from this trap More

Quo vadis, BJP?


Rape is not a dirty secret, it is a violent crime


Illegally legal or legally illegal?


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