Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Tiatr and the Goan public sphere

With the declaration made in the Goa Legislative Assembly that the right-wing Hindu outfit, Sri Ram Sene will not be allowed to set up its base in Goa, the ‘drama’ over Tousif de Navelim’s Akantvadi Goeant Naka, seems to have finally ended. More

Sant Sohirobanath and St Francis Xavier

It was somewhat disconcerting to read in a recent column of Herald a comparison being drawn between Sant Sohirobanath and St Francis Xavier More

The great Goan jobs scam

Anything that requires licenses and permissions seems to pass if it comes with the tag line ‘will generate employment for locals. More

Do we really need a Government?

This question may sound strange to many. But with murders, rapes, assaults, robberies, thefts, illegalities, etc. etc. going on unabated, with no steps at prevention, control or detection, leave alone remedy and conviction and not a word from Goa’s CEO, I often really feel that we could do without a Government. More

Unraveling health insurance

Galloping healthcare costs in India have produced some alarming statistics. Treatment for routine ailments has become so unaffordable, that it is estimated that 28% of ailments in rural areas and 20% in urban areas go untreated, simply because people cannot afford treatment. More

The name of Sant Sohirobanath

The recent renaming of the Government College of Pernem, as the Sant Sohirobanath Ambiye College of Art and Commerce, throws up several issues. More

In search of accountability

Three years back, it was thought that Lokpal at the central level and Lokayukta at the state level was an idea whose time had come. More

Price to pay if you gorge on junk food

My wife cooks “à antiga”. We thus get healthy, home-cooked, wholesome food. But to her disappointment, the children often order fast-food from a nearby joint. It is only after they put on a few kilos that they rush to the gym to reclaim lost elegance. More

Prevent communal and cultural atrophy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's admonition to the people to shun communal violence comes not too early in this 68th year after Independence. More

Sant Sohirobanath and secular death

I read with some concern the news that the Government of Goa is officially celebrating the tercentenary of the birth of Sant Sohirobanath Ambiye. More

Moving bombshell

Freddy Dias More

The Goan power play

Does not cost anything to dream, even if the dream happen to be far-fetched for Goa, but just imagine our politicians actually deliver more then what was promised with regards to electricity power supply, manage to put all the power lines underground, invest in green technology of solar and wind power that makes Goa self sufficient without stressing the environment and suddenly you find Goa free from frequent power outages with 24 hour uninterrupted power with stable voltage. More

Reading Reginald: Inside Africa

The last time I had written about the Konkani novelist Reginald Fernandes, I had suggested that to understand such writings as romans (and even tiatrs) we would have to think anew and look more closely into these writings. Accordingly, I had hinted that the way Reginald Fernandes understood and conceptualized ‘dignidad’ could be one of the many ways to understand the corpus of writings written in the Roman script. In response to my article, many felt (through social media) that Fernandes’ books should be put back in circulation. More

A cultural garbage disposal plant for Goa?


Mining policClaude Alvaresy: Questions before our legislators


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