Friday, August 29, 2014


Out with the old, in with the new
Out with the old, in with the new

Emerging trends will radically overhaul our understanding and use of technology in the years to come More

Virtual reality: The next frontier in gaming

In recent years, the gaming industry has seen a number of hyped trends come and go: games on social networks, 3-D gaming, systems that let you control in-game avatars by moving your body. More

An excellent product by JBL

Techno Tinto is where you, the people, come together and tell us about their interesting acquisitions. This week, Rohan D’Souza tells us abut his ‘sound’ purchase More

Are you banking enough on Audi’s Av iCo S system?

Nigel Quadros is the Director and Editor in Chief of AndroGuru, one of India’s better known android community websites, and a wizard on all things tech related More

KitKat now runs one in five Android devices

Ten months since the release of KitKat Android 4.4, the most up to date version of Android now runs 21 percent of all Google OS devices. As interest turns to what Android L will bring when it’s released later this year, Google’s 2013 OS, KitKat, continues to inch up, climbing from 18 percent in July to 20.9 percent in August. More

Microsoft Lumia budget smartphone launched

Microsoft has quietly listed the Lumia 530 on its official India store for Rs 7,349.Though the image has ‘Coming soon’ printed on it, the page now says it is ‘in stock’ and the company promises to deliver it within four working days. It is available in green, dark grey, white and orange. The Lumia 530 dual-SIM 3G variant has been launched in India. More

Sony launches new audio accessories

Sony India has expanded its audio range with two new headphones and one new set of earphones namely, MDR- XB450, MDR – XB250 and MDRAS200. Priced at Rs 790, the AS200 earphone is available in bright orange and blue colours and will be available starting this month. On the other hand, the XB450 and XB250 are priced at Rs 2,190 and Rs 1,490, and will hit stores in September. While the XB250 is available in black and white colour options, the XB450 also comes in red, blue and yellow. More

MI3 Xiao Mi…definitely made for ‘mi’

I barely received my MI3 two days ago. I think that, straight off the bat people commenting negatively about this phone really need to take a long hard look at it. I mean there are the obvious shortcomings such as a lack of dedicated service centres. However, across cellular brands,most service centres, are ineffective.I think that with market growth, Xiaomi service centres would grow too. More

Four simple hacks to boost your sales and marketing efficiency

I know his name … How do I get his email address? How do I get to know more about this guy? More

QuadrOS Update

Nigel Quadros is the Director and Editor in Chief of AndroGuru, one of India’s better known android community websites, and a wizard on all things tech related More

Social Media can take you far
Social Media can take you far

Your social profile can be a powerful social tool to connect with employers More

Dr Fix-It

1. Do I really need to safely eject USB flash drives drives? What harm can it do if I don’t? More

LG Chromebase all-in-one computer in India

LG launched its first-ever Chromebase (Model 22CV241) computer in India for Rs 32,000. It is an all-in-one computer powered by the Google Chrome OS. More

Google brings Indian heritage online

Google and the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, announced that people around the world will be able to take virtual tours of Indian cultural sites like the Ellora Caves, and explore over 1,400 cultural objects from India at the Google Cultural Institute site. With support from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Google has added 76 new sites – increasing the number of ASI sites being covered to over 100, including sites like Safdarjung Tomb and Purana Quila. More

Samsung launches Galaxy Star 2

Samsung has officially launched three smartphones in India. There were talks about Samsung launching budget smartphones with Android KitKat ever since Moto E was launched. More

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